Yui Mochizuki
Yui Mochizuki
Character information
Full name
Name in Japanese 望月唯
Romaji translation Mochizuki Yui
Gender Female
Age 10
Born ~1988
Hair color
Eye color
Occupation(s) Elementary school student
Family Kou Mochizuki (father),


Mizuki Mochizuki (half-sister)

Yui Mochizuki is Mizuki's younger half-sister. Yui is 1 year younger than Hotaru and friends.

Biography Edit

Yui really is Mizuki's father daughter. He was cheating on Mizuki's mother when she still was alive, with Yui's mother. Mizuki found it out. Mizuki's father got remarried with Yui's mother a year ago, when Mizuki was 16 and Yui was 9.

Mizuki told Adam that Yui and Yui's mother stole Mizuki's father from her and she wasn't comfortable with them at her home. But when Mizuki was running away from home, she wished for Yui to be happy somehow in that house and don't become like her, which shows that she understands that You is just an innocent child and doesn't really hate her.

Physical appearanceEdit

Yui is very cute girl, like a little princess. She has slightly curly hair that she tie up in twin tails with ribbons. She wears very girly clothes with floral patterns and ruffles, mostly dresses. She often seen carrying around a stuffed bunny with her.

Personality and traitsEdit

Yui is quiet and sensetive, suspicious of other people's motives. She is very attached to her older sister, and she likes Tomoki a lot.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the manga version Yui likes and admires Mizuki a lot, they are very friendly and caring with each other. She is someone who important for Mizuki.
  • In the movie Yui depicted as horrible little sister, who despises Mizuki and makes feel down.

In the movie she portrayed by Arisa Nakamura.

Also, Yui reminds young Laya Serizawa from Nana.



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