Tomoki Anzai
Tomoki Anzai
Character information
Full name
Name in Japanese 安西 知己
Romaji translation Anzai Tomoki
Gender Male
Age 17
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Occupation(s) Student
Relationships Mizuki Mochizuki (ex-girlfriend),

Aya (affair)

Tomoki Anzai (安西 知己 Anzai Tomoki) is ex-boyfriend of Mizuki Mochizuki. He cheated on her with her best friend and they broke up on Mizuki's 17th birthday.

He regrets what he did to her and he wanted to apologize to her. Two weeks since they broke up, he was heading back from a night club at 5 am and suddenly saw Mizuki. Rright after he saw her crossing the street in Shibuya on red light, he called out to her to stop and she turned around. Then she was hit by a car, so he wasn't able to apologize to her.

After she woke up from coma, she seems forgave him.

Physical appearance Edit

Tomoki is tall, handsome, has long black hair. He dresses like an ordinary sloppy schoolboy.

Personality and traits Edit

He is kind and cheerful, but terribly heedless.

Behind the scenes Edit

In the movie his role played Hiroki Narimiya. And he is not longhaired in the movie.

His appearance and personality in manga strongly resembles Takumi Ichinose, character from another Ai Yazawa's manga.

Appearances Edit