Sayaka Kamijou
Character information
Full name
Name in Japanese 上條 さやか
Romaji translation Kamijō Sayaka
Gender Female
Age 17 (at death)
Born 1962
Death 1979
Hair color
Eye color
Occupation(s) Student
Family Mother,


Relationships Adam Lang (boyfriend)
Sayaka Kamijou is a girlfriend of Adam Lang , who lived in old beautiful mansion in Sugisaki 's neighborhood 20 years before Mizuki 's accident.


Sayaka's father was successful lawyer and her mother was housewife. Sayaka had a white fluffy cat named Mary, who had collar with a little bell. Sayaka was very talented piano player. Right after she went to study abroad, to England, she had severe health problems. She died at 17 (19 in the movie). After that her parents sold the house and moved away. House stayed uninhabited for 20 years, people started refer to it as old haunted house.

Kamijo family were friends with Dojima family. Mrs. Dojima told their story Tetsu, Sae and Masaki, and gave them a picture of Sayaka. 

Physical appearanceEdit

Sayaka was beautiful, short, longhaired girl. She wore popular clothes of 70s.

Personality and traitsEdit

Sayaka seems was adventurous, cheerful, curious and full of hopes, bright person.


She was girlfriend of Adam Lang, musician from England. She was considered a princess among the band members and was supposed to participate in the first album's recording. But her illness took over and she died before recording. Adams album's title "Last Quater" was dedicated to Sayaka. On the last page of the song lyrics card is a picture of Sayaka playing piano and wearing the same white one-piece and white shoes that Mizuki was wearing during her coma.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the manga Sayaka on her 17th birthday got from Adam a small golden ring, with initials "S. K." engraved inside. In manga she died at 17.

In the movie Sayaka got a red gem necklace for her 18th birthday from Adam and she died at 19.