Sae Kayama
Character information
Full name
Name in Japanese 香山 沙絵
Romaji translation Kayama Sae
Gender Female
Age 11
Hair color
Eye color
Occupation(s) Elementary school student
Family Mother,


Sae Kayama (香山 沙絵 Kayama Sae) is best friend and classmate of Hotaru Shiraishi. She helps her to solve mystery about who is Eve and why she is trapped in that old uninhabited house. Also, she tries to protect Hotaru's feelings towards Miura, Miura seems likes her instead of Hotaru.

Biography Edit

Her friendship with Hotaru started in third grade of elementary school. They were in the same class and Sae stood up for Hotaru when some kids where making her cry. They badmouthing her mother for wearing bright things and make up, but Sae told them her father says that person, who works every day until late at night to take care of her kid, is a good person. Since then Hotaru stopped to feel embarassed and became proud to have such a beautiful and kind mother. But at the same time Sae's mom doesn't like Hotaru because of "her problems with her family". Sae thinks her mom is too prejudiced, unlike her father. Sae's parents also very strict.

Physical appearance Edit

Sae wears glasses. She has longer hair than Hotaru and often seen with her hair in two braids. She also slightly taller than Hotaru.

Personality and traits Edit

Sae is smart and energetic, sensible and loyal, protective and kind girl. She tries to be unprejudiced person, unlike her parents and other kids in school.

Relationships Edit

She tries to protect Hotaru's feelings to "prince charming" Masaki Miura. But Miura shows much more interest in her instead of Hotaru, and Hotaru also getting along with Tetsu Sugisaki much better than both of them have ever thought. In the end of story Hotaru tells her that she noticed that Sae likes Miura as well, and that's completely okay because Hotaru likes Sugisaki.

Behind the scenes Edit

Sae doesn't appears in the film, only in the manga.

Her appearance and personality resembles Mari, ancillary character from another Ai Yazawa's manga Nana.

Appearances Edit

Kagen no Tsuki

  • Act 3 (First appearance)
  • till the end