Masaki Miura
Masaki Miura
Character information
Full name
Name in Japanese 三浦 正輝
Romaji translation Miura Masaki
Nicknames "prince charming" by Sae
Gender Male
Age 11
Hair color
Eye color
Occupation(s) Elementary school student
Family Tadashi Miura (father),


Masaki Miura (三浦 正輝 Miura Masaki) is best friend of Tetsu Sugisaki. While four of them together trying to help Mizuki Mochizuki, he also becomes friends with Hotaru and Sae.

He is popular in school, good at acting and director that works with his father thinks he can become actor as well, though Masaki doesn't show interest in acting.

Biography Edit

Miura's parents never around, but they always appears on TV. He doesn't watch them on TV. His mother is famous actress and beautiful woman. His father is an famous actor as well. They got divorsed 2 years ago, but then his mother remarried some other guy a year later. He lives with his father in a huge apartment on the top floor. The maid, that looks like Ichiharu Etsuko (famous actress) comes and cooks during the day.

Physical appearance Edit

Masaki takes after his parents and looks very handsome. He dresses quite stylish.

Personality and traits Edit

Masaki looks cool and mature, because he usually is quiet. He is a clever boy. Sometimes he doesn't seem to care about others, but he is actually can be kind and sensitive. He often looks lonely and depressed, but always acts as an adult. He seems cold and unaffected by things, though sometimes acts like a spoiled brat.

Relationships Edit

When Tetsu tells him about Hotaru, he wants to meet her and comments that she is cute. But as they get to know each other, he seems likes Sae more. Also, he notices that Hotaru herself likes Tetsu.

Behind the scenes Edit

In the film Masaki wears glasses and is much older than in the manga.

Motoki Ochiai plays this character in the film.

His appearance and personality (in manga) resembles Shinichi Okazaki, character from another Ai Yazawa's manga.

Appearances Edit

Kagen no Tsuki

  • Act 3 (First appearance)
  • till the end

Kagen no Tsuki (film)