Evil eye
Evil Eye1
Band information
Members Adam Lang,

other 3 members unknown

Years active 70's
Genres Rock
Evil Eye was an english rock band, where Adam Lang was lead singer. The band was quite popular, but came out only with one album "Last Quater" in 1979.

History Edit

Album's title "Last Quater" was dedicated to Adam's deathly sick Japanese girlfriend Sayaka Kamijou. She was supposed to participate in the album's recording, but she died before that. On the LP's original title side, he made the note ~My dear Sayaka~ (To my beloved Sayaka). Right after, Adam died, without waiting for the sale of the album.

Hotaru and others saw on the screen in Shinjuku advertisement of reissue of the album on May 21. Later they found information on it in the internet and watched video about the band on TV. It helped them to find out who was Eve's Adam.

Members Edit

Adam Lang and three other musician, who are unknown.

Behind the scenes Edit

On the TV video Adam seems wears boots similar to those, that Ren Honjo wears.

Appearances Edit

Kagen no Tsuki

  • Act 9 (street video in Shinjuku)
  • Act 11 (video on TV)