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Ai Yazawa
Person information
Name in Japanese 矢沢あい
Romaji translation Yazawa Ai
Gender Female
Born March 7, 1967
Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan
Occupations Manga artist
Voice of

Ai Yazawa (矢沢あい Yazawa Ai) is the pen name for the author of Kagen no Tsuki. She began Kagen no Tsuki in 1998 and ended it the next year. Yazawa is also the author of many popular works.

In 2009, Yazawa contracted an unknown illness, which put her manga,Nana on hold. She has returned from the hospital, but it is still unknown if Nana will return.


Early lifeEdit

Ai Yazawa was born on March 7, 1967 in the Hyogo Prefecture of Japan.

Ai Yazawa had studied at a fashion school, after high school, but dropped out a year later. She began writting, and drawing manga in 1985, and debuted in Ribon with "Ano Natsu."

Kagen no TsukiEdit

Although, Kagen no Tsuki is one of Yazawa's lesser known series it has still garnered a bit of popularity. In 2004, Kagen no Tsuki was also adapted into a live-action film of the same name.

The manga is currently set to be republished on March 19, 2013.[1]

Later worksEdit

Yazawa went on to create Paradise Kiss and Nana shortly after the end of Kagen no Tsuki. ParaKiss was finished in 2003 and Nana is on hiatus.

In June, 2009, Yazawa contracted an illness, which she was hospitalized for, putting her manga, Nana on hold. She returned from the hospital in April, 2010, but it is still unknown if she will continue writing, Nana.[2]

Published worksEdit