Adam (cat)
Adam the cat
Character information
Name in Japanese
Romaji translation
Gender Male
Fur color Point coloration
Eye color Blue
Residence the old haunted house
Owners Eve, then Hotaru
Adam the cat is a stray longhaired siamese cat, that looks like Hotaru's Lulu, and who was found In the old haunted house by Hotaru.

Biography Edit

When Hotaru saw him first time, she thought it was Lulu. She followed him into old abandoned house, and thus found there Eve. He was a stray cat and he kept company Eve, while kids were trying to solve the mystery about her. Hotaru called him Adam. Eve couldn't remember anything except that she know someone important to her, whose name was Adam. Also, Hotaru said she thought of that name, because Adam and Eve were names of first people on Earth.

Cat's blue eyes and wild character remind a bit Adam the musician.

After mystery was solved, Hotaru took him in, instead of deceased Lulu.

Appearances Edit

Kagen no Tsuki

  • Act 2  (First appearance)
  • till the end